Why I hold my baby 

How many times have you been told as a new parent, don't pick the baby up, you will spoil him/her. It's such a common phrase said to new parents, it's even in some baby books!  Let me ask you, have you ever felt spoiled by having a cuddle? Do you have bad memories from your... Continue Reading →

Yogabellies for Pregnancy 

When I was pregnant with my son in 2011, I really struggled with my mental health. I suffered from both prenatal and postnatal depression (this is something I will write more in depth about at a later date) so I knew this time around, I had to make sure I made my mental health a... Continue Reading →

It’s ok to not enjoy pregnancy. 

In light of Cheryl Tweedy speaking out publicly about hating being pregnant (which I think was very brave of her, as people can be so judgemental) I've decided to share my experience with my pregnancy. I really didn't enjoy being pregnant, I really struggled with it this time around. It doesn't mean I didn't want... Continue Reading →

Anxiety update 

Just dropped off Darcie with my mum and now sitting in the hairdressers as I write this. My tummy is in knots, bloody anxiety levels are high again! This is so frustrating, this isn't how I want to feel everytime I leave Darcie somewhere. I have had my hair appointment booked for weeks, before I... Continue Reading →

Planning a Wedding 

It was the 27th November 2016, and I stand hungover in my kitchen cooking dinner, and waiting on my boyfriend coming home from work. I had been out the night before and had a pretty big night with my friends. Feeling a little worse for wear and looking super rough.... no make up, and barely... Continue Reading →

Postnatal Anxiety 

As I sit in my car struggling to catch my breathe, thinking why on earth did you just say yes! Why did you agree to that?!

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