Anxiety update 

Just dropped off Darcie with my mum and now sitting in the hairdressers as I write this. My tummy is in knots, bloody anxiety levels are high again! This is so frustrating, this isn’t how I want to feel everytime I leave Darcie somewhere. I have had my hair appointment booked for weeks, before I knew I would feel like this. I can’t put my life on hold, especially when my roots are this bad! Haha! 
I have been building myself up for this all week, and again I know Darcie will be fine and well looked after. I don’t feel anxious about leaving Ben though! Is that bad? He is there too, in fact he had a sleepover last night with his Gran and Grandad and I was totally fine! 
It’s my best friend that does my hair, and I’ve not seen her in a few weeks! I’ve been looking forward to a catch up and hearing all about her holiday! Totally jealous of her sun holiday! I need a tan in my life. 
So my colour has been applied! Bye bye blonde, hello Autumn auburn! I’m starting to feel better now, my anxiety levels have calmed down, I’m just trying to enjoy this down time, where I can relax and not have 2 kids to look after for a couple of hours. It’s been good having a catch up with my bestie! It doesn’t happen as often as we’d like these days! I have text my mum a good few times already, I’m really just hoping that Ben is behaving, he’s been a pain in the ass today. He’s not been feeling well, and when he is ill, he usually doesn’t listen, and starts misbehaving! It seems to be a symptom for him! He’s doesn’t deal with being unwell at all. I’m hoping Darcie is settled, which to be honest I know she will be. She really is the most content baby ever, until she is hungry, then the diva in her comes out! 
I’m glad that my tummy isn’t in knots anymore, this is a good sign! Hopefully the anxiety will start to ease soon. I still can’t wait to get back to my mum and Dads and pick Darcie and Ben up! I think it has definitely helped that I’ve had something planned for today and I’m not just sitting at home with nothing to do. Maybe that’s the key, to keep myself busy when they are away. 

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  1. Anxiety is such a horrible thing to have. I suffer from it and I hate it. I get it around social situations and lately it’s been quite bad that even leaving the house is a struggle sometimes. I’ve really had to push myself to do it but I always feel better once I do.

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  2. Many mother’s suffer with anxiety following the birth of their baby. Darcie is a beautiful little bean and yoire doing so well. I’m glad your anxiety eased and you managed to get your hair done. Good work #winning

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