Postnatal Anxiety 

As I sit in my car struggling to catch my breathe, thinking why on earth did you just say yes! Why did you agree to that?!

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I have moved

My New blog is over at All content has been transferred across, and all new content will be added there. Thank you to everyone who has viewed and followed my blog, I hope to see you over at Mummyingmyway Michelle 😘

Thank you to my Midwifes

Giving birth, one of the most natural things in the world, woman have been doing it since the beginning of time, you'd think it would be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately for some its not so easy. So much can happen during pregnancy and labour, to not only baby but mum too. In fact what woman... Continue Reading →

My postpartum body! 

As I stand and stare at myself in the mirror I totally hate what I see. I've had two babies, and I've neglected myself. My face is chubby, my tummy is wobbly, I have fat on my hips. My ass has expanded... and my boobs! The less said about them the better!! Haha.  I have... Continue Reading →

My baby is two months old! 

Wow it doesn't even feel like a month since I wrote my last update! Well that's her now hitting the 2 month mark in 3 days time! Ah I wish time would slow down! I'm soaking in every little minute, but it's still going crazy fast! My maternity leave will be over before I know... Continue Reading →

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